I'm so alone

You may like a pen friend.

Was a single child to an alone parent. When we’re alone, we’re faced with our feelings and our thoughts.

I'm so alone, there's no one here I'm so alone and I'm so scared I sit by myself with no one to care I bleed alone and I'm so scared That I'll die alone on my bathroom floor In a pool of my blood pouring from my veins With a razor to my wrist til I can cut no more As the silent pain drives me insane I'm so alone, there's no one here

But I just want to let you know that your comment touched me deeply.

I’m not sure if its too late to reply to your comment. I’m so alone.

All I want all I desire is one person. I don’t know you, but I have a feeling we’d be friends if … My dad died. A person who I can run late night food runs with.

One person to who I can trust with anything and they can trust me with anything. I’m sorry you are feeling alone. There’s not much I could add that others haven’t already said. And so I’m all alone.

I hope this doesn’t come across an attention seeking kind of way. I’m So Alone is an exploitable comic series in which characters proclaim their love for a specific hobby or fandom, though immediately followed by the realization that they have become social outcasts as a result. I have no family. Not my intention at all, just wondering if anyone can relate. Oh I'm so alone Oh I'm so alone Why don't you come home Why don't you come home. I'm So Alone by Desired, released 30 August 2015 Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Hence my reply. 7.

If we let these times of feeling lost and alone be all that they can be—messy, uncomfortable, hard—we can learn to handle them.

I make friends easily but I don’t have anyone who I can spend time with as my friends are all busy working or seeing and keeping up with their families. It’s harder to distract ourselves.

Being alone can bring you peace.

We can learn that they don’t need to … I feel lonely too.

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